Gift Set




 Hand-Crafted Candle Collection

Our Candle Collections offer a variety of unique
blends. When you give 2Nice Scents, you’re giving
much more than a candle. You’re providing a
liberating experience and thoughtful escape. Gift
recipients can re-use our eco-friendly containers in
various ways around their homes to fit their lifestyles.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a
friend, colleague, or that special someone, we have
you covered. Mix and match the perfect combination
to convey your heartfelt appreciation, and we’ll take
care of the rest.





  Maximize the scent throw and purchase our 100ml diffuser with a matching wood-wick 230g scented candle.


 Reed Diffuser + Hand-Crafted Candle Collection

Our Reed Diffuser and Candle Collection showcase our best-selling
products. Our highly fragrant blends are praised for their exotic
appeal, provoking a sense of escape from a busy day-to-day life and
offering a welcome retreat. Recipients can use our sustainable
containers for vases, decorative jars, and more for a gift that
continues to deliver.

You can rest assured that by gifting 2Nice Scents you’re not only
giving a luxurious treat, but you’re also helping protect the
environment. Our hand-crafted products dazzle on a shelf no
matter how you choose to display them.